Construction Management
One of the benefits of utilizing Hexagon as a building consultant is our ability to perform repairs as outlined in our estimate. We believe our estimate should include a reflection of the damage as it relates to the loss event. Through our experienced staff and resources, our goal is to assist clients in property restoration with professionalism and continuity while maintaining focus on minimizing risk.

Our national construction management team has performed projects across the United States including some of the following services:

  • Providing or reviewing all drawings and bid documents
  • Establishing a project schedule
  • Interviewing, verifying and assisting in the hiring of bidding contractors
  • Reviewing and verifying contractors' pricing and scope of work
  • Ensuring the proper permits, bonds and licensing are utilized
  • Holding meetings to monitor progress and review the construction schedule
  • Reviewing change orders
  • Reviewing subcontractor invoicing and collecting the proper waivers of lien
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